Return Policy

Terms and conditions of payment.
The buyer agrees to comply with the practices, orders, procedures, policies, and guidelines regarding ordering products through the platform, including any additional modifications therein, which are enforced by Leowood and deemed acknowledged and accepted by the buyer upon their publication on the platform.These terms and conditions of payment shall apply to any product orders and payments made by the buyer and Leowood only.

  1. The buyer agrees to pay for the products with a credit or debit card that is legally authorized for debt payment.
  2. The buyer agrees not to cancel payment later unless the purchase between the buyer and Leowood does not comply with the terms, goods are not delivered, 
    or the received goods significantly differ from the details provided by Leowood.
  3. The buyer acknowledges that the refund policy, which is applicable upon successful payment, can only be initiated when Leowood agrees and notifies the intention to refund.
  4. The buyer acknowledges that all refunds shall be processed through the original payment method and issued to the person who made the original payment.
  5. The buyer acknowledges that refunds may not be guaranteed to be credited to the buyer's account immediately. The refund process may take time and depends on individual banks and/or payment service providers processing the refund.

Return and exchange conditions.

1. ​The buyer must inspect the condition of the goods upon receipt. If the goods are accepted and signed for, no exchanges or returns will be  
​accepted under any circumstances.
2. ​If the goods are found to be damaged during transportation, please refuse to accept the delivery. In this case, 
​Leowood will consider replacing the goods for the buyer.
3. ​If the goods are found to be damaged due to manufacturing defects, Leowood is pleased to replace the goods for the buyer.
4. ​We reserve the right to refuse exchanges or returns if the buyer wishes to change the item themselves.